Tuesday, 21st May

littlefuhrman said: connection issues are poop

i haven’t had any internet for like a week now my mum finally bought 5GB but eh

herondstair said: this is kitty i changed my url but GOOD LUCK IN YOUR EXAMS BB im having gcses, right now, omg i want 2 die <3

HELLO KITTY hah your new url is fabulous girl. i’m having gcses too tho i only have 2 exams lol. then i will suffer 8 exams and oral exams at the end of summer yay (◡‿◡✿)


  1. queenseelie said: omg i have like 15/16 exams and i’ve only done like 4 so far HELP but idk i’m not too worried just WORK LOAD I HATE MY SCHOOL anyways good luck gurl i miss you omg
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